I love storytelling in all its forms. This translates to a flair for working with memoirs and novels in particular. Growing up, I always wanted to be an investigative journalist, and in my current role I combine a love of wordsmithing with a desire to get to the core of any client’s story in collaborative work as a “book doctor” and ghostwriter.

I am as happy to do a “read and review” of a first novel as I am to help a well-known public figure tell his or her special story. My personal interests are pop culture, with a special emphasis on music; politics and current affairs; and life stories of all kinds.

The basic rate for a “read and review” that includes a detailed editorial letter: $175 an hour. I ask that prospective clients send a sample of thirty pages or so as an email attachment to see if we are a good match. Fees for more involved developmental editing and co-writing are negotiated according to the nature of the work required to bring out the best in the material.

Pat Mulcahy has a wonderful ability to take a writer’s vision and hone it to it’s best possible shape, keeping all its voice and color and delivering the greatest impact. She does this with sensitivity and humor to make the medicine go down easier.

Susan Golomb, Writer’s House